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Inpatient General Medicine Rotations and Night Float

If you are coming to the VA this year, you will be rotating on a general medicine service or working as night float covering the general medicine teams.  The VA program is shared between BIDMC, Boston Medical Center, and Brigham and Women's Hosptial.  The teams are integrated and you will be working side by side with residents from other programs.  This can be both rewarding and challenging and is part of the unique VA experience.  More information on the specifics of the VA rotation including admitting rules, and coverage schemes is available in the VA Reference guide listed below.


How do I know if I am on call at the VA?  Q5? How does that work?

Always start by checking the amion schedule.  There you can find out what team you are assigned to and when you are long call.  Once you have done that, you can look up your call schedule for any day in the year and find out when you are expected to be in house by looking at either of the following two files: The VA admitting card here, or the excel template here.  If you input your first call day into the excel, it will tell you when you are on long, post, short, light and pre call for your entire rotation.  Generally, interns do not get golden or black weekends, but work at least one day each weekend.  Residents have the more traditional golden/black schedule we use at BIDMC.


How do I get to the VA?

The easiest and most convenient way is to drive.  Parking is available on site for no fee.  If you don't have a car you should inquire about car pooling with one of your co-residents.  BMC and BWH residents are also driving so you may be able to share rides with them as well.  If you cannot drive there are a number of shuttles available, as well as public transportation.  See the reference guide for more details.


Where do I go on Day 1?

If you have never rotated at the VA, usually you will need to go to the Chief's office at 7:15am on day 1.  From there you will go to computer training.  Do not pick up your sign out as your patients will be covered by your resident.  Prior to starting at the VA you should receive an email from one of the Chief's telling you specifically when and where to go.  To find the Chief's office, see the directions posted below.


How do I Moonlight at the VA?

Before you can moonlight you need to have your full license and approval from the BIDMC program office.  Once you are ready, contact to work out the details and get credentialed.  Shifts are usually available for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


I have VA Night Float, How do I learn more?

You can start with the VA Night Float reference page on the wiki, but more information will be forthcoming as this rotation has changed recently.


Do They Really BBQ on Fridays in the Summer?



Looking for information about the VA Primary Care Chief elective? See below in the documents section for the orientation guide "VA_PCare_CMR..."



Accessing Patient Information from Home/BIDMC: VPN Access


Interested in logging into the VA system?

Two VA- VPN computers at the BI exist: in the HO lounge (the computer farthest to the right) and the HCA 6th floor office.


Attention: You will only be able to successfully log in on these computers if you have VPN access. This requires filling out an online form that is separate from the VA computer training session.


Don’t have VPN access? Ask Kerns, Klayman, Farris, Andrea Goldberg, Hobbs, or any SAR or JAR with a VA clinic. We will be able to log in to the VA VPN, and from there you will be able to use your username as you normally do. Or... If you have a VA clinic, go to this website to sign up for VPN access:



Have VPN access? Good, then here’s what you need to do:

Go to: Start Menu-àOne-VA VPN ClientàOne VA VPN Client (Yellow Lock icon)à

  • Status screen appears, select the CONNECT graphic in the top left corner
  • Then, enter your VA VPN username and password. Keep domain as “VHA01”


If you have properly connected, the yellow lock in the bottom right corner should appear locked and not unlocked.


Then, open Internet Explorer, and past or type the following link:


  • This should bring you to ANOTHER log in! Again, type in your username and pw and keep domain as VHA01.


  • This will bring up a bunch of folders, select the “Boston” folder and you will see BHS-CPRS-NEW.


  • Select this and you will open CPRS, from here continue the way you normally log in to CPRS.



See? Totally user-friendly and easy. Good luck!

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